Yom Kippur Family Service excerpt

Yom Kippur Family Services - For All Ages (excerpt)

Reader: Behold how good and pleasant it is for people to come together in unity and peace.

Song:  Hiney ma tov

Hin-nay mah tove oo-mah-nah-eem,

Sheh-vet a-kheem gam yah-kahd

Reader:  If people are going to live together in a community, it's important to have ideas about what's rijght and what's wrong.  We know lots of rules.  For instance, cars must stop at a red light so we can coss safely.  People must not hurt each other or take things that don't belong to them.  In a room like this, we must sit quietly so that everyone can hear what's going on.  

Let us think about all the ideas that guide our lives.

Reader:  Once a year, at this time, we pause to think about the rules that make our lives pleasant.  We think back over what we did and how we acted during the past year.  We think about those times we are proud of - - and also about those times we are not so proud of.

Readers from the Congregation:

       Did we love our family?   Or sometimes forget to say a kind word?

       Did we share?  Or just think of ourselves?

       Did we help?  Or let someone else do the work?

       Did we reach out to someone who was lonely or unhappy?  Or pretend not to notice?

       Were we fair to others?  Or were we sometimes dishonest? 

       Do we decide for ourselves what is right and wrong?  Or do we just follow what others do?