Kahal B'rewra

Our brew club, Kahal B'rewra, socializes outside of business and services and produces beer for special events (and themselves!) While every batch is different, each is "blessed by the human spirit, but that doesn't make it kosher."

For information, please contact Phil Katz.  

The following is a history of the brews made by the club.

Thessaloniki Porter, August 2005

Lulav This Ale, October 2005

Maccabeer, December 2005

Tridecennial Lager, March 2006

Oy Veys Beer, August 2006

Veritasty Dark Springs Ale, December 2006

Has Bean Porter, August 2007

Hoppy Hunukale, December 2007

Hu Ju Blu Bru, August 2008

Nor'Esther Pour'em Ale, January 2009

Burns Beer and Allen Ale, December 2009

Birmingham J'ale, January 2011 

KB Strong Picnic Ale, July 2013

KB Celtic Red.doc, May 2015